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For the plastic surgery market in Dallas Texas sometimes life imitates art in regards to popular culture that often dictates standards of beauty. But did you ever think that ethnic cultures from other countries could dictate standards of beauty for Americans  living thousands of miles away? Since the invention of television and mass advertising, millions of Americans have perceived their own value of beauty through a spectrum of  “what is popular and chic”, alternatively the printed and visual images of movies and magazines are not currently setting the standards of beauty–the living , breathing body that perhaps works, studies or lives near you has become the muse  for  perfection–albeit the newly arrived immigrant.

arabic beautyblack beautywhat  do many young white women want? 1) full lips like an Arab or Black girl , and 2) quite bluntly…an ass like a Brazilian butt or curvy black girl.  Although, many white women do say exactly these words when they have their first consultations with surgeons, often carrying with them photos of celebrities and cut-outs from People Magazine or other mass-media in order to identify with the transformation of beauty they are trying to achieve through plastic surgery in Dallas.

And what do many Asian and black women want for plastic surgery procedures?       For more than 10 years I have seen a steady increase in the number of Asian women [I say this carefully to include patients that have walked through our doors who were by majority ethnically-Korean, Chinese, Japanese and Thai ] . For these women it is the desire to have 1)  a more straighter nose and not what they perceive as a “flat” nose.

nose pincherstraight nose exerciseThe paradox of cultural perceptions of beauty has reversed, whereas once it was undesirable for white women to have full lips like “ethnic” women, and ethnic women themselves found it undesirable to look “caucasian” or white–the perceptions have switched on a global scale. Plastic surgeons have responded and even specialised in such procedures for Asian women specifically as to creating the “double eyelid” and skin bleaching is big request y Asian women desiring to have whiter [very pale] skin. However, whatever your beauty perception is, Dallas plastic surgeons are ready to help you achieve your transformation. Please give us a call for free consultation about how we can improve on your natural beauty.


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