Breast Tattoo A Texas Fad For Good Girls And Bad 5/5 (2)

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I  remember in the 1980’s [when I was in high school]  that some of the senior girls and senior boys that turned 18 would rush to the tattoo studio and get a small tattoo that they could hide under their clothes.  Of course, the parents of these newly minted 18-year olds approved for having the tattoo. The usual tattoos were: for girls a dolphin or a heart with an arrow through it and for boys a griffin or devil and even the state of Texas cleverly hidden on the shoulder or ankle.
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But these weren’t the type of tattoos young adults would be embarrassed about years later after they had finished college and started their careers. It’ 2017 as  I write and my son’s girlfriend also has a Texas pride tattoo on her ankle–pretty much standard –But! she also has a beautiful tattoo across her chest that draws a lot of attention to her breasts–which are great looking in my opinion.

However, there is a growing number of young professional women who now regret the expansive chest tattoo they made while in college,  If she is wearing a white blouse or any sheer blouse for that matter during our usual hellishly hot Texas summer days–her darkly inked tattoos across her her chest are visible to her clients–she is a CFA “Charted Financial Advisor” . And she had several years ago breast enhancement with the best  plastic surgeon in Dallas.  She is a perfect full-C-cup.

breast implants and tattoos

Another problem I have seen; women who are contemplating having the tattoos removed–well a very complicated–and in my opinion shouldn’t be performed.  The process may involve laser surgery with a plastic surgeon or dermatologist may be using a special cream, either way or combination of method it’s not a 1-visit procedure, although tiny tattoos that men often get on their finger [prison tats ] are sometimes much easier. Your breasts are sacred real estate, your jewels, your femininity.  So, choose wisely and please consult a board certified plastic surgeon and dermatologist about the tattoos you are considering getting before breast augmentation , and or the tattoos you are considering getting removed after breast enlargement. What should you do first. Contact a Dallas plastic surgeon.





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Breast Enhancement And Your Corporate Vacation 5/5 (2)

The best time to have breast augmentation is actually during your vacation from work. If you are by merit– awarded at least a two week vacation –this would be a great time to visit the most interesting city in Texas as well as have your beauty enhanced by some of the best Dallas Plastic Surgeons. 

Jennifer, a construction engineer, and her boyfriend went wild boar hunting  just outside of Dallas the first 2 days of her visit for breast enhancement surgery, then she returned to the city and had her surgery. Recovering comfortably at a nearby affordable hotel several minutes from her Dallas plastic surgeon’s office The following week her boyfriend drove her back home with a  trunk full of wild boar ribs ready to barbeque upon arrival to Tyler Texas. Jennifer combined a short vacation and her plastic surgery–so can you.


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DEALING WITH HATERS and Life After C cup Implants 5/5 (1)


Your increased beauty at first will garner the admiration of many girlfriends but eventually , a few girlfriends stop calling you or all together delete you from their profile “friends list”.  Your attractiveness can be a threat to people you care about, however there are ways to prepare your social circle for the dramatic change you are making.
… . . to be continued

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