Waitress Earns $700 Each Night In Tips After Breast Implants 5/5 (1)

My name is Larissa  a waitress in Dallas Texas.  After breast implants I now make $12k a month in tips! Plastic surgery totally improved my life. A True story. [ personal letter republished  by Nurse Betty-with permission of original author, name has been changed]

tipping trends

Waitresses in general can make a decent income if they are working in an upscale , fine-dining establishment. In my case, an Italian restaurant with a great wine cellar and star-chef. People do enjoy being served by someone who is beautiful; beautiful food–beautiful waitress this all adds to their experience.

I had always wanted fuller breasts, I mean I’m not flat-chested or anything but  I really did not stand-out from the more experienced waitresses who had been working here for 10 or more years and customers new them by name.

My decision to have breast implants in Dallas Texas was inspired first by wanting to look great, secondly–I want to earn more money as a waitress to fund my  return to business school, I want to be a clothing designer.

But understand that having big breasts in a dinner is a trend  in America that actually provides significant income for beautiful girls with large breasts and the establishment owner who on average make huge profits because they have a huge mostly male customer flow that is strong all seasons of the year and in all economic conditions.  It could be your average sports bar in Dallas or a fine dinning atmosphere where I work–makes no difference we make money.

So, my recommendation to other waitresses in Texas is to get breast implants as soon as possible, financing is easy I used “CareCredit” surgical financing and my payments were like 70 dollars a week–which was nothing. But anyway, I will pay off my loan in advance next month. Breast augmentation was well worth the investment! Just do it!

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White is black and black is white 5/5 (3)

dallas plastic surgeon

For the plastic surgery market in Dallas Texas sometimes life imitates art in regards to popular culture that often dictates standards of beauty. But did you ever think that ethnic cultures from other countries could dictate standards of beauty for Americans  living thousands of miles away? Since the invention of television and mass advertising, millions of Americans have perceived their own value of beauty through a spectrum of  “what is popular and chic”, alternatively the printed and visual images of movies and magazines are not currently setting the standards of beauty–the living , breathing body that perhaps works, studies or lives near you has become the muse  for  perfection–albeit the newly arrived immigrant.

arabic beautyblack beautywhat  do many young white women want? 1) full lips like an Arab or Black girl , and 2) quite bluntly…an ass like a Brazilian butt or curvy black girl.  Although, many white women do say exactly these words when they have their first consultations with surgeons, often carrying with them photos of celebrities and cut-outs from People Magazine or other mass-media in order to identify with the transformation of beauty they are trying to achieve through plastic surgery in Dallas.

And what do many Asian and black women want for plastic surgery procedures?       For more than 10 years I have seen a steady increase in the number of Asian women [I say this carefully to include patients that have walked through our doors who were by majority ethnically-Korean, Chinese, Japanese and Thai ] . For these women it is the desire to have 1)  a more straighter nose and not what they perceive as a “flat” nose.

nose pincherstraight nose exerciseThe paradox of cultural perceptions of beauty has reversed, whereas once it was undesirable for white women to have full lips like “ethnic” women, and ethnic women themselves found it undesirable to look “caucasian” or white–the perceptions have switched on a global scale. Plastic surgeons have responded and even specialised in such procedures for Asian women specifically as to creating the “double eyelid” and skin bleaching is big request y Asian women desiring to have whiter [very pale] skin. However, whatever your beauty perception is, Dallas plastic surgeons are ready to help you achieve your transformation. Please give us a call for free consultation about how we can improve on your natural beauty.


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Breast Tattoo A Texas Fad For Good Girls And Bad 5/5 (2)

dallas plastic surgeons

I  remember in the 1980’s [when I was in high school]  that some of the senior girls and senior boys that turned 18 would rush to the tattoo studio and get a small tattoo that they could hide under their clothes.  Of course, the parents of these newly minted 18-year olds approved for having the tattoo. The usual tattoos were: for girls a dolphin or a heart with an arrow through it and for boys a griffin or devil and even the state of Texas cleverly hidden on the shoulder or ankle.
texas pride

But these weren’t the type of tattoos young adults would be embarrassed about years later after they had finished college and started their careers. It’ 2017 as  I write and my son’s girlfriend also has a Texas pride tattoo on her ankle–pretty much standard –But! she also has a beautiful tattoo across her chest that draws a lot of attention to her breasts–which are great looking in my opinion.

However, there is a growing number of young professional women who now regret the expansive chest tattoo they made while in college,  If she is wearing a white blouse or any sheer blouse for that matter during our usual hellishly hot Texas summer days–her darkly inked tattoos across her her chest are visible to her clients–she is a CFA “Charted Financial Advisor” . And she had several years ago breast enhancement with the best  plastic surgeon in Dallas.  She is a perfect full-C-cup.

breast implants and tattoos

Another problem I have seen; women who are contemplating having the tattoos removed–well a very complicated–and in my opinion shouldn’t be performed.  The process may involve laser surgery with a plastic surgeon or dermatologist may be using a special cream, either way or combination of method it’s not a 1-visit procedure, although tiny tattoos that men often get on their finger [prison tats ] are sometimes much easier. Your breasts are sacred real estate, your jewels, your femininity.  So, choose wisely and please consult a board certified plastic surgeon and dermatologist about the tattoos you are considering getting before breast augmentation , and or the tattoos you are considering getting removed after breast enlargement. What should you do first. Contact a Dallas plastic surgeon.





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Breast Enhancement And Your Corporate Vacation 5/5 (2)

The best time to have breast augmentation is actually during your vacation from work. If you are by merit– awarded at least a two week vacation –this would be a great time to visit the most interesting city in Texas as well as have your beauty enhanced by some of the best Dallas Plastic Surgeons. 

Jennifer, a construction engineer, and her boyfriend went wild boar hunting  just outside of Dallas the first 2 days of her visit for breast enhancement surgery, then she returned to the city and had her surgery. Recovering comfortably at a nearby affordable hotel several minutes from her Dallas plastic surgeon’s office The following week her boyfriend drove her back home with a  trunk full of wild boar ribs ready to barbeque upon arrival to Tyler Texas. Jennifer combined a short vacation and her plastic surgery–so can you.


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My Waist Line A Signal of Fertility and Sex Or How to Marry a Texas Businessman No ratings yet.

I’m 49 and my sex life has never been better. After 3 children  and recently divorced. I am an admitted  MILF [Mother –I ‘d –Like-to-F*ck] or at least that is what all my teenage daughters confess to me about their own boyfriends bug-eyed, Smeagel from Lord of The Rings like stares I get when they are around .dallas plastic surgeonsI have better tats than my daughters:)
I live free, I was the bad girl in high school that beat up other girls, I was also a straight -A student and almost graduated top of my class. I never went to college, well actually, i did one year and dropped out to learn programming with my professor [ he lost his job because of me, but he married me a year later] I learned from him coding and everything you could think of about computers and technology.  Then after i had triplets [girls] he left me for another woman and moved back to my parents home figuring out how to use my skills from home.  During the “Dot-Com” craze of the 1990’s  I wrote banking software to protect ATM machines from being hacked  by  clever tech-theives who were using fake magnetic strip readers and  pin-code regenerators moments after a real card-owner and withdrawn money. Well needless to say… a Mexican bank bought the software and now I am a millionaire. Funny, not a single American bank was interested in the software to this day. So, THANK YOU MEXICO!

With my new wealth, i sought out the best dallas plastic surgeons money could buy. After breast feeding 3 girls, my boobs were saggy and droopy. So, i had a lift and implants and a year later i had the baby fat around my waist removed with liposuction. Now my waist line and not my breasts get men’s attention because my signature attire accessory is always a fancy diamond or gold belly-necklace. I cant go anywhere without men giving me their phone numbers and especially young men in their 20’s who are my favorite in bed, i dont plan on getting married again or having children [ my tubes are tied] So, I choose my partners carefully before having sex–which is fabulous especially anal sex. . .to be continued ………

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