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Dear Nurse Betty,

hidden 3rd nipple

My girlfriend of three months has an extra nipple..yes. On her left breast she has an extra nipple. She finally spent the night at my apartment—and I was wondering why it took so long to get her comfortable enough to be “intimate with me”—but now I know. There was that awkward moment about 5 seconds of intense silence as I looked at her chest as she layed on her back on my bed. I had just peeled off her t shirt and unfastened her bra—and there it was. The she said, touch it, it’s alright—and I did. She confessed later after sex that she already got approved for financing to have her 3rd nipple surgically removed. and her breasts enlarged.  I’m completely against it..this nuance [ I don’t want to call it a “defect”] is exactly what makes her unique to me she is one in a million . I feel like something intimate, that also belongs to my shared experience with her is soon going to be taken away. Please advise, she is having breast augmentation July 1st. Please hurry with a response to the   email I wrote you in my letter but do not respond to me on the site, readers can give me their advise in comments

Thanks in advance and God bless


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