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Your transformation begins with a phone consultation to determine your needs and a scheduled visit to our office for a full overview of abilities to enhance your beauty and answer your very personal questions.


Dr. ___________________ and his expert , caring team are the best solution for a wide range of plastic surgery procedures that enhance or correct your beauty and piece of mind.



My Waist Line A Signal of Fertility and Sex: Or How to Marry a Texas Businessman

I’m 49 and my sex life has never been better. After 3 children  and recently divorced. I am an admitted  MILF [Mother –I ‘d –Like-to-F*ck] or at least that is what all my teenage daughters confess to me about their own boyfriends bug-eyed, Smeagel from Lord of The Rings like stares I get when they …

DEALING WITH HATERS: Life After “C” cup Implants

  Your increased beauty at first will garner the admiration of many girlfriends but eventually , a few girlfriends stop calling you or all together delete you from their profile “friends list”.  Your attractiveness can be a threat to people you care about, however there are ways to prepare your social circle for the dramatic …


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